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  • Bathroom & Kitchen


  • Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures for Chicagoland

    Our fixture services cover your whole home’s plumbing system, but the bathroom and the kitchen are the main areas of focus for residential plumbing. Bathroom remodels and kitchen installations require professional fixture services. Our licensed and certified plumbers handle a variety of issues related to your plumbing fixtures including garbage disposal, water softener and water filter installation and maintenance. We can also help with hot water heating repair, drain cleanings, toilet and sink de-clogging, and fixture installations. For superior bathroom and kitchen plumbing needs, BeeZee Services is your first and only call!

    We can help with:

    • Plumbing Fixtures
    • Garbage Disposals
    • Water Softeners
    • Water Filters
    • Hot Water Heaters
    • Toilet and Sink Declogging
    • Plumbing Fixture Installations

    Complete Garbage Disposal Repair and Maintenance

    If you often utilize your home’s kitchen, especially if you have a large family, the garbage disposal is an unsung hero. It’s inconvenient and unsanitary when a garbage disposal breaks.

    For example, you’re trying to get rid of food waste and suddenly dark water starts rising from the drain into your sink – or you flip the outlet switch but the garbage disposal sputters as if sick. The use of a disposal is too important for a breakdown to occur. For garbage disposal repair and replacement services in the Chicagoland Suburbs, call on BeeZee Services.

    Garbage Disposal Don’ts:

    • Do not put anything down your disposal that isn’t biodegradable food
    • Do not pour grease or oil into your disposal
    • Do not grind plastics or paper or glass
    • Do not stuff large amounts of food waste into your disposal all at once
    • Do not put coffee grounds down the disposal
    • Do not use harsh chemicals like bleach to clean your disposal, instead use soft soaps or citrus slices
    • Do not use hot water when grinding food waste, only cold water
    • Do not insert your hand into the disposal!

    Water Filters for your Chicagoland Home

    If you are concerned about the harsh chemicals and other impurities in your plumbing, call us right away! We will schedule one our experts to come to your home and perform a complete assessment of the condition of your water. They will discuss the various options available to meet the needs of your household.

    • Water Softener:
    • Soft water provides many benefits including softer feeling skin, longer life of your plumbing system and less water spots on dishes and showers.

    • Water Conditioner:
    • Municipal water supplies are notorious for being polluted with chemicals; many of these chemicals are introduced to our water supply to help keep it clean but that doesn’t mean you want to drink them, bath in them and cook with them. Let one of our certified professionals show you how we can help reduce or eliminate harmful chemicals from your water.

    • Reverse Osmosis:
    • Many families in the Chicagoland Suburbs spend hundreds of dollars per year on bottled water for drinking. If you are one of those families you might benefit from the convenience and savings of having a reverse osmosis installed in your home. Call today to learn more!

    Complete Water Filter Service for your Chicagoland Home

    Home water filters are a great way to get the taste and quality of your favorite bottled water straight from the tap. And with whole-home water filtration, your clothes, skin, hair, and dishes will all benefit as well. It’s important to know what’s in your water. There is a good chance you have some of the following contaminants in your water supply:

    • Bacteria
    • Sediment
    • Copper
    • Chlorine
    • Iron
    • Manganese
    • Lead
    • Viruses

    In order to filter contaminants and provide the healthiest possible water for you and your family, consider water filter installation for your Illinois home. But before you choose to install a water filtration system, make sure you contact a BeeZee Services professional to discuss the most suitable purification method. After you find out what contaminants are in your water, you and your professional can select the best water filtration system that fits your needs.

    Common Water Filtration Methods

    BeeZee Services offers a wide variety of water filtration systems, including:

    Reverse Osmosis – Offering fantastic water quality, these systems utilize a semipermeable membrane to get rid of particles, chemicals, and microorganisms in the water.

    Carbon Filter – If you have a pitcher filter or under sink water filter, it probably uses activated carbon as the primary filter mechanism. Carbon filters work by absorbing contaminants, trapping them inside pores created by the positively-charged filter.

    Distillation – Distillation water filtration involves vaporizing the water to separate it from microscopic, disease-causing organisms. Still, some contaminants will convert to a gas form with the water. For best results, combine distillation with a carb filtration system.

    When you need complete bathroom and kitchen plumbing services, call the most trusted plumbers in Chicagoland!