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  • Gas Plumbing


  • Professional Gas Plumbing Services for Chicagoland

    When most homeowners think of plumbing, they envision water pipes and clogged sinks. But the world of plumbing encompasses several different facets including gas lines. The installation and service for gas lines is essential for homes with gas stoves, heaters, fireplaces and outdoor grills. The licensed natural gas plumbers at BeeZee Services can help with all your needs – including locating and repairing dangerous leaks. If you have a gas appliance installation or repair project, call us today for a thorough assessment!

    We can help with:

    • Gas Pipe Leaks
    • Gas Pipe Repair
    • Gas Plumbing Installation
    • Natural Gas Appliance Installation

    Expert Gas Leak Detection

    BeeZee Services utilizes the best technology available for locating leaks in your Chicagoland home. If you suspect there might be a leak in the gas line, do not wait to act. Undetected leaks will only continue to grow in size – and can be extremely hazardous. Gas leaks are often associated with an egg-like or rotten smell in the home. If the gas leak is underground, then the smell will not be your signal. You may notice patches of your yard that are starting to die or an unexplainable jump in your monthly bills. Be on the alert and contact the gas leak professionals when you detect a leak. Our licensed plumbers can help locate and repair any gas leak in your home.

    Need help with your Chicagoland gas plumbing? Call the licensed professionals at 847-816-9515 for all your repair and installation projects.