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  • Electrical Installations


  • Electrical Installations for Chicagoland

    Do you need an electrical installation in your home? Installing electrical equipment is no DIY project. To ensure safety and fast, efficient work, always call an expert for wiring and electrical projects. From ceiling fans to smoke & CO detectors, our licensed electricians can help you with all your installation needs.

    We can assist with:

    • Fans (Ceiling and Attic)
    • Smoke & CO Detectors
    • Complex Electrical Installations

    Complete Fan Installation and Repair

    Ceiling fans are a great way to cool off a room and promote air flow. They can also help save money on your heating and cooling bill. It’s no wonder that they have remained a popular fixture in U.S. homes since 1860’s. There are many kinds of fans on the market reflecting different sizes, shapes, and styles (everything from aviation to Tuscan). Choosing the right fan fixture for your home depends on many different factors – including the size of the room, ceiling height and, of course, the design scheme. Once you’ve chosen the ideal model, BeeZee Services can help you with the installation – whether it’s a standard, a dual motor or an outdoor model.

    Smoke and CO Detector Services

    Is your household prepared for fire and gas emergencies? Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are essential tools for keeping your home and family safe. Modern designs have high tech features (including access from smart phones), are less likely to sound a false alarm and available in a range of style options. Find detectors with digital sensors, voice alarms, battery backups and combination sensors (for both smoke and CO). BeeZee Services understands the importance of these safety features and can help with the installation and maintenance of any model.

    Call BeeZee Services at 847-816-9515 for all your residential electrical installations.