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  • Professional Plumbing Services for Chicagoland

    It’s uncomfortable to even imagine a home without a functioning plumbing system. From the kitchen to the bathroom, if the pipes aren’t working, your home and family can’t function efficiently either. We depend on our plumbing system for sanitation, waste, and safe water. We count on our plumbing to clean dishes, clean our hands, and clean our toilets. Until there’s a problem, we often don’t make plumbing a priority. The relatively small issue of a leaky toilet or clogged drain can have a huge impact on our quality of life. For the health of your family, ensure a properly performing plumbing system with the help of BeeZee Services.

    We can help with:

    • Plumbing Maintenance
    • Plumbing Repairs
    • Plumbing Installation
    • Repiping
    • Camera Inspections

    Expert Assessments for Common Plumbing Problems

    When you work with BeeZee Services you are guaranteed a prompt and professional experience. After assessing your plumbing issue, our experienced technicians will conference with you to discuss their findings and their solutions. We offer Upfront Pricing, meaning you will know the cost of any and all work — straightforward and upfront. No surprise fees and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee are only part of why Chicago area residents choose to work with us. Our experienced plumbers can help with such common plumbing problems as:

      • Toilet Trouble:

    If your toilet is “gurgling” or leaking water into your floor or ceiling, if your water bill is too high, or even if you have one of those ‘water saver’ toilets that need double flushing and a lot of plunging, BeeZee Services can quickly and economically solve your problem. Our service trucks are well-stocked, allowing our plumbers to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

      • Water Leak:

    A dripping faucet is an annoyance, while a leak in a hidden pipe is a nightmare. We use a special ‘radar detector’ to find the exact spot of the leak. This minimizes your cost and makes the whole process a more pleasant experience.

      • Water Heaters:

    Our plumbing professionals will make every effort to get your hot water back on without replacing your water heater. But if you do need a new water heater, we’ll normally have it installed in less than two hours, saving you both time and money.

      • Broken Disposal:

    Can’t get that disposal to do its job? We can get it back to normal in no time. And if it needs replacing, you won’t have to wait. We’ll get you and your kitchen sink back in operating order.

      • Leaky Faucet:

    A dripping faucet can waste thousands of gallons of water. We can stop the leak and make your faucet work like new! We also have a variety of new faucets to choose from to give your home the added comfort you deserve.

    Call BeeZee Services at 847-816-9515 for all your plumbing needs!